Dreaming of skiing in the quietness of the Finnish forests

Saksalainen Folkert Mensing aloitti hiljattain EVS-vapaaehtoisena Suomussalmen nuorisopalveluissa. Samalla hän toteutti pitkäaikaisen unelmansa.

I’m currently doing my EVS in Finland, in an about 8000 people’s village called Suomussalmi. Suomussalmi is located in Kainuu region. First of all, I want to say that this village is placed in the forest, in the middle of nowhere. I really like this place, like I like all places that are small, quiet, calm and surrounded by nature.

Since I was a child it was one of my big dreams to learn how to do cross-country skiing and to do so somewhere in the silent and eternal Finnish forest. I didn’t know about Finland when I was about 6 years old, but then I saw some skiing sports in the TV and heard that it is in Finland. I immediately fell in love with the country and just wanted to go there!

Lasku_vielä pienempi_suoristettu_neliö

I made this skiing dream come true for the first time when I started my EVS in Finland. I went to the forest with my boss and her husband, and they showed me how to ski. I really loved doing that, although it was quite difficult at the beginning! On several occasions I needed to choose if I wanted fall in the snow or hug a tree in full speed. We spend almost two hours in the forest.


A bit later I went there again with my boss and another youth worker. During the second time we didn’t ski so long time but went walking to the forest. I saw an almost treeless hill. There was one old dead stem of a tree, and I really like watching those old, broken things. It was a really magnificent experience to stare at that tree and just enjoy the silence and listen to the sound of the nature. I was surprised that my body could still remember how to ski and I actually felt much more comfortable with it, so I didn’t even fall in the snow.

The end.

Kirjoittanut: Folkert Mensing, Saksa


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